Support the High Road

Wembley is transforming. Wembley is a splendid place to live and work. It’s well connected, and has a mix of great housing stock, good schools, beautiful parks and affordable space for business.

Regeneration is taking flight in Wembley Triangle, Wembley Central, the industrial estate and at Ealing Road through a series of initiatives and opportunities being pursued by the Council, including homes, spaces for business, highway and public realm improvements and projects that will ultimately diversify and intensify Wembley High Road.

A core element of the wider regeneration of this area is the existing High Road, an area that provides a lynch-pin for improvement to changing the face of Wembley. The High Road will continue to function as a major centre for residents and visitors alike. Positive times remain ahead as the high road is equipping itself for change not only by bringing its businesses into the 21st century with an innovative, holistic digital strategy that will raise their digital maturity making them “digitally connected” and “discoverable” but also through the added provision of advice and guidance encouraging local leadership in the high road.

The opportunity to develop the High Road’s special character will be continually promoted and supported – it is already benefiting from improvements to the public realm and major new mixed-use developments, including Wembley Central Square which is one of the focus’ of regeneration in this locality.